Employer Certified Mini Credits


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Nowadays, when demand and demand are increasing, it is good to find a reliable loan that will not waste your valuable time or put you in a financial strain. No matter what the credit you need, it is important to know that you can realize it without stress in the shortest possible time.

Anyone may find themselves in a difficult financial situation at the moment, which can be caused by uncollectible receivables and similar things. These are all situations that cause us to be unable to meet our current obligations. Mini-loans without employer certification are essentially internet loans because you can only get them online.

Mini loans up to 6000 kuna

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Simple mini-loans without an employer certification are just what you need in these situations. Loans of HRK 300 to 6000 for a repayment period of 15 to 150 days are loans that allow you to have a flexible repayment of your choice. A great benefit is the quick realization of mini-loans. Money you do not have to wait long, which you can dispose of almost immediately after the delivery of certified documentation.

We provide you with a unique financial solution to your problems, and your only obligation is that at the time of the loan application, your checking account, on which you have regular monthly earnings, is neither blocked nor secured. Contact your employer for a non-certified mini-loan, as our employer-sponsored mini-loan is designed to serve both your and our mutual satisfaction.

Up to a mini-loan with no employer signature

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We all know how difficult it is sometimes to reach your employer, especially if he is a smaller privateer or often on the road. Hunting him around and asking for signatures is of no interest to anyone. Em what is wasting your time is wasting your patience as well as your nerves. The problem may be greater if you are not admitted permanently. That is why we at Blendesta Personal Loan do not look at every detail that could delay or suspend the payment of money to a client. Our terms and conditions are minimal, and you can read all the terms and conditions for mini-loans without employer certification on our site.

We have helped many, and we can, because mini-loans are used by a large number of citizens across the EU and the world. Don’t wait for it to be late, we can help you in one day. We pay directly into the current account. We operate professionally without putting our hands on it. Employer-certified mini-loans are a quick and effective solution to closing your debts once and for all.

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