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Tracking the online loans industry not only in Poland but in other European countries, it is not difficult to see that there are more and more companies providing fast online loans. Although the entry threshold is quite high, there are quite a few willing to provide financial services. Many companies know this very well, which cannot break into the awareness of a wide range of customers. Recently, Lender Finance began to grant loans. Does it have a chance to earn the trust of the Polish borrower?

Lender Finance – about the company

Lender Finance - about the company

Let’s start briefly about Lender Finance itself. Lender belongs to the AFK Company having its registered office in Warsaw at 50/54 street, 00-695 loc. This is a new company that began to provide short-term fast loans over the internet. New lenders always raise a bit of uncertainty among clients. This is quite normal.

A person applying for a financial relationship with a given entity wants to be sure that the company is trustworthy. Opqa meets these customer expectations. It should be noted that Lender is a partner of the Polish Association of Loan Institutions, which proves the professional functioning of the company.

Lender Finance – payday loans offer

Lender Finance - payday loans offer

What does the offer of the new lender Lender Finance look like? First of all, Lender is distinguished by a high amount of payday pay. For a standard 30 days, if we look at quick payday loans, we can borrow up to PLN 6,000. And the first time! This high amount is usually reserved for regular, returning customers who have previously successfully repaid loans. Lender comes out to the client with a really competitive offer.

How to apply for an online loan at Lender

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It should be noted that the conditions of Lender, and above all the way of applying for a loan is quite unusual. It is reminiscent of a more Western style of borrowers. We have already got used to the fact that in order to look for a proper loan, we visit the company’s website and declare the amount of money we want to borrow and the repayment period from the service level. We usually use virtual sliders for this, and we track the cost of the loan on the included calculator. At Lender finance, the loan application process looks different.

How to apply for a loan at Lender Finance?

At Lender on the home page of the site, we immediately fill out a form with personal data and answer a few questions that are to give the company a full picture of us as a borrower applying for a financial liability. Lender Finance reminds that filling out the form does not oblige us to sign the contract. After verifying our data, we can safely give up the offer if we change our minds. At the beginning we click the “Check” button, and then we will see the following form:

  • we have a valid ID card
  • we are a citizen of the Republic of Poland
  • our age is between 20 and 75 years old
  • I have an active Customer Account on the website, i.e. after prior registration
  • we are not entered in the Debtors Register
  • we have a bank account
  • we have an active mobile number

If you do not want to log into your account, you can send statements in PDF format through the ABC system. When we successfully pass the verification through the ABC solution, Lender will present us with the loan offer and then we will decide whether we sign the contract or not. We handle everything using a dedicated online account.

Lender – advertising spot

If you want to know more details about Lender Finance such as costs, conditions and customer reviews check our Opinion about the company . However, this is the current advertising spot of Lender Finance: